Saffold officially joins Rams -

Saffold officially joins Rams

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By Scott Bierman By Scott Bierman

(FootballStL) -- The crazy free agent ride for Rodger Saffold has officially ended.

Saffold turned down the Rams offer to return to St. Louis, accepted an offer from the Raiders, failed the Raiders physical, then returned to St. Louis and re-upped with the Rams. 

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said on Friday he's excited to have Saffold back, and plans to play him at right guard. 

The Rams believe Saffold is healthy and ready to go. 

Fisher said, "We got the call that there was an issue with the physical. We passed Rodger at the end of the season, as far as the physical was concerned.

He’s been working here the entire off season up to this point in the weight room, no issues. I think, obviously, they were surprised.

They (Saffold's agents) contacted us and then literally within about an hour, maybe 90 minutes, we were able to put the deal back together, which is a very, very difficult thing."

Nobody was more surprised than Saffold when he failed the Raiders physical, but he says he's excited to be back in St. Louis where he spent the first four years of his career. 

“It was a slightly embarrassing feeling," said Saffold. "Because I just didn’t want the Rams to feel a certain way about me. If I didn’t get offered by a another team and the only team that was offering me was the Rams, I would have had no problem coming back here. Like I said, this is what I know. This is what I have been through for the last four years. The fans have always been loyal. As well as, the coaches have always looked out for me, so it’s a simple choice.”

The signing of Saffold means the Rams are no longer desperate for help on the interior line, but Fisher says that doesn't mean they're done shopping for more talent. 

“I think we’re in good shape right now," said Fisher. "Obviously, we lost Chris (Williams) and Shelley (Smith), but we feel like…we’re not quite done in free agency. We had Davin Joseph in yesterday, who was released by the Bucs. Daryn Colledge was in yesterday. We’ve had him in, we’re still not done there. We’ve got a couple other guys that we’re talking to.  Obviously, we’re going to address it as best we can in the draft as well. You can’t overlook the fact that we’ve got some young players on this roster that are going to get an opportunities to play and compete as well in Brandon Washington and Barrett Jones and obviously Tim (Barnes). We feel good about it. Much better than we did a few days ago, but we feel really good about it.”



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