Mother claims to be last to know after threat made against son a -

Mother claims to be last to know after threat made against son at school

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) – An investigation began after a middle school student is accused of threatening to shoot a classmate in Highland.

The victim’s mother said she was the last to know.

The Highland, Illinois school district said they followed their protocol for handling threats but admit they’ll review their procedures after this mother questioned why it took so long for the school to tell her of a threat to her son.

Christina Starks said it wasn’t until 2:30 that police told her about the threat but a student first reported the threat to a Highland Middle School administrator at the start of the day. School officials initially said only that another student wanted to beat up Starks’ son.

“Well we didn’t think there was any imminent danger at anytime in this investigation, the allegations were some comments that were made but there was no evidence of any weapons or anything like that being present,” said Superintendent, Dr. Mike Sutton.

Students eventually revealed there was a threat to shoot the victim but by then Sutton said police were in charge of the investigation and the student who allegedly made the threat was being questioned.

 "At anytime that we thought the child was in imminent danger we would have contacted the parent," said Sutton.

Starks said “I’m concerned for my son’s safety because they let that student back in class and didn’t search for any weapons.”

The superintendent assured News 4’s Russell Kinsaul, Starks’ son will be safe and any students involved will be punished. The police are continuing their investigation. 

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