Repeat DWI offender arrested again, considered danger to himself -

Repeat DWI offender arrested again, considered danger to himself, others

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

 (KMOV) – A 50-year-old man has racked up five drunk-driving arrests in little over a year.

Police say Donald Henkel, 50, is considered a danger to himself and others but still they’re having a hard time keeping him off the streets.

Creve Coeur police say they arrested Henkel this week behind the wheel with a blood-alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit.

Weeks earlier, police in Brentwood caught Henkel swerving on a flat tire, under the influence of alchol.

“He said he had been watching the Olympics into the morning and he did admit to have been drinking,” said Acting Chief Dan Fitzgerald of the Brentwood Police Department.

When asked if Henkel’s license was revoked, Chief Fitzgerald said “it was revoked at that time I believe it was revoked for over a year.”

Henkel has been caught in Illinois and Missouri with three pending DWI cases from 2013. 

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