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Wentzville to double speeding fines on certain streets

(KMOV.com) — Speeding fines are set to double on several streets in Wentzville.

The city says it’s to slow down drivers and make sure safer streets, but some question whether it’s a money grab.

The board of aldermen unanimously passed an ordinance calling for what are known as “increased safety areas” that will affect about two dozen streets and neighborhoods. 

The city says it was the neighborhoods that called for the ordinance, not the administrators. 

“It’s not a money grab because it takes a lot of resources,” said City Administrator Robert Bartolotta. “You have to put up new signs, have to have enforcement efforts. The city can not do this in every single neighborhood. We just don’t have the resources.”

Neighborhood associations had to collect signatures from residents to have their streets included in the program.

“We want to be partners with the neighborhoods,” Bartolotta added. “It’s not the city saying, ‘there’s speeding in your neighborhood,’ it’s the neighbors saying, ‘there’s speeding in our neighborhood and we want something done.’”

The city has already put up the signs telling drivers they’re in a double fine zone, and residents hope it increases observance the 25 mile per hour limit. 

“The older people that live here [do]; the kids no,” said resident Susan Voges. “You can see people speeding quite a bit.”

Voges has been a resident of one of the neighborhoods that requested the program for  16 years.

This list of streets affected is:

Great Oaks?Great Oaks Blvd 
Ashford Oaks Ct?
Ashford Oaks Drive?
Burnt Oak Ct?
Goose Creek Drive?
Great Oaks Meadow Drive?
Great Oaks Valley Drive
Little Brook Drive
Oak Moss Drive?
Rustic Oaks Drive
Timber Oak Drive?
Valley Oaks Ct?
Valley Oaks Drive
Bear Creek?
Bear Creek Drive
Woodlands at Bear Creek?
Rocky Mound Drive
Villages at Stone Gate?
Stone Run Blvd 

The city says these double fine zones are part of a one-year pilot program to see if they’ll work to cut down speeding in residential areas.

Administrators also say there is a grace period for drivers.

The double fines begin on May 1. At that point the fine goes from $5 per mile over the speed limit to $10 per mile.



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