Nearby store ransacked during Delmar brawl, business owners on e -

Nearby store ransacked during Delmar brawl, business owners on edge

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( — News 4 learned a street brawl that led to gunfire in the Delmar Loop area didn’t only take place outside; the inside of a nearby business was affected too.

The Family Dollar on Delmar Boulevard was ransacked during the bedlam, and that’s making nearby business owners concerned for their safety. 

Orlando Causey owns a barber shop a few hundred feet from where the brawl occurred. Several people in his barber shop say they saw a large group of juveniles go into the nearby Family Dollar and steal items.

“That’s very scary because they come in like gangs of 50, there is too many of them to control,” Causey said. “They could ransack a place and get out of there before police come.”

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson says the incident is a concern, and not just for The Loop. 

“This type of behavior, whether it’s in the Delmar Loop, on the Metrolink train, Forest Park, downtown will not be tolerated,” he said. 

Dotson says sometimes what he calls “flash mobs” of kids spill over into nearby businesses.

“Now we have a plan with University City, Washington University and everybody to try and address future problems like this,” he said. 

Causey hopes the plan includes a larger police presence. 

“I would like to see more police. Do more canvases in the area for the businesses in the area to keep that type of commotion down,” he said. 

Family dollar would not comment on this incident.

No arrests have been made in the fight, however police say they took nearly 20 juveniles to the police station to be released to their parents.

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