Pevelys mayor could get impeached over cell phone controversy -

Pevelys mayor could get impeached over cell phone controversy

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) -- On Tuesday, the notice went up at Pevely city hall that there’ll be a special, closed door meeting of the board of aldermen on Thursday at 5 p.m.  

News 4 asked if the controversy over Mayor John Knobloch’s cell phone was on the agenda but State law keeps the agenda of closed door meetings private. City Administrator Terry Thomas would only say, “It’s a closed personnel session, and we’re going to talk about litigation and personnel.”

The biggest issue hanging over Pevely’s city government is the discovery that tax dollars were used to pay Mayor Knobloch’s wife’s cell phone bill for more than a decade and after promising to repay the money the mayor hasn’t yet. City Alderman Steve Markus told News 4 the meeting is important to the future of Pevely but couldn’t discuss the agenda.

News 4 reported in October that scrutiny of city hall cell phone costs led to the discovery that the cell phone bill the city had been paying for the mayor since 2001 also included the cost of his wife’s phone.

Mayor Knobloch admits now that it was a mistake not to put her phone on a separate bill and he offered to repay the city but 5 months later he hasn’t. He told me the reason he hasn’t is that an exact amount hasn’t been determined.

Thomas told News 4 that’s because the mayor won’t turn over details of his phone bills, “We know what the city has paid since 2001 for the cell phone bill but we have only received one year of records from the mayor.” Knobloch didn’t tell me why, but said in 30-60 days he’ll get it resolved.

If the agenda for the closed meeting includes the mayor cell phone controversy and a possible vote to impeach him over the issue, he’ll have only days and not months to resolve the controversy.

Stay with News 4 and for the latest on this issue. 

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