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Police search for suspects after video of massive brawl posted to Facebook

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(KMOV.com) — A massive fight led to gun shots fired in the middle of a popular St. Louis business district, and the whole confrontation was caught on tape

Officers from several departments responded to the fight on Delmar Boulevard right down the street from The Pageant on Sunday afternoon.

What’s troubling for residents is that some bystanders decided to stand and watch the fight and even take video of it instead of calling police.

In the video you can see several people knocked to the ground, continuously punched and kicked as more people ran in to join the scrum.

Minutes into the fight someone fired shots.

Police say no one was injured. But it’s made some regular visitors to the nearby Metrolink station nervous.

“Early in the morning there are not that many security people and on the weekend you have a bunch of little kids and it’s kind of hard for one security person to be around,” said resident Michael Bell Jr. 

Video of the fight wound up on Facebook, which upset both police and residents alike. 

“You’re just as guilty because you are not doing anything,” said Carl Robinson. “If they tape it, then they should give that evidence to the police to help keep the crime down. But if they are taping it just to be funny or to get on social network, it’s no good.”

Police from St. Louis city, University City,  and Ladue responded to the brawl but by the time they arrived, the large group of juveniles scattered. No arrests have been made, but a gun was recovered from the area.

Police are still investigating this crime and ask anyone with information to call them.

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