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Woman rehired after being fired for 'philosophical differences'

(KMOV) -- Lynn Glickert, the woman responsible for building the Grand Center Arts Academy program from the ground up, was rehired after parents protested her termination.

"It was philiosophical differences," Glickert said.

According to Glickert, her contract was not renewed over the summer. However, Glickert says the philosophical differences are still unexplained to her. She said when parents found out she was fired, they revolted.

“I was fully prepared that the parents were going to lose," Glickert said, "and I was not going to be able to hand diplomas to the class of 2016."

The board reversed it's decision and Glickert and The Grand Center Arts Academy are now in their fourth year and Glickert says it is succeeding by every standard.

“We try to customize the education for each child as best we can,” Glickert said. “For example, if a sixth grader needs to be in high school algebra, we will do that.”

Right now, the Grand Center Arts Academy is only sixth through tenth grades, but a junior class is in the process of being added next year and a senior class the follwing year. Glickert says the job won't be finished until students start attending Ivy League schools or other well known art programs.

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