Stomach virus sweeps through St. Charles Chill, forces equipment -

Stomach virus sweeps through St. Charles Chill, forces equipment manager to play

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

( — It hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but health officials believe the norovirus is what made about three dozen people sick around St. Charles.

Now, health workers are trying to stop the spread before it gets worse.

The St. Charles Chill were back on the ice practicing Friday morning after several players, laid up with a bad stomach virus, missed wednesday’s game...

“We were pressed for players,” said Bart Hull, Vice President of Business Development for the club. “We suited up our equipment manager who’s 48 years old. He’d played a lot when he was younger and was the Blues’ practice goalie years ago but it’s been a while since he’d played competitively.”

The players had been at a charity fundraiser monday at Harvest Lanes Bowling Alley. It’s thought that’s where they picked up the bug, believed to be the

highly contagious and fast-spreading norovirus.

“It didn’t appear to be food or drink at that facility, at the bowling alley,” said St. Charles County Director of Community Health and Environment Julia Eckstein. “It appears more likely someone who was sick when they went to that venue, whether for bowling league or just a family bowling or whatever it was, and that virus became present in that environment.”

The norovirus is most commonly associated with outbreaks aboard cruise ships, in schools and in nursing homes; not with hockey teams.

“We’ve got a huge weekend coming up with two games,” Hull said. “[We’ve] got the Blues alumni playing and Bobby Hull here Saturday night.”

Contact the health department if you think you might be infected.

The simple solution of handwashing is the best way to prevent the spread.

If you have the bug, the health department says stay home from work or school for a couple days.


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