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Fenton family wants charges filed against those who filmed teens brutal attack

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

 (KMOV) --  A Fenton teenager said he was the victim of a brutal attack which landed him in the hospital and has caused him to miss three months of school while he recovers.

He was hit by one boy, but several others reportedly watched the attack and posted a video of it online. Now the family is seeking justice from all those involved.

"I got hit and I fell and then I got my face kicked in,” said 15-year-old Austin Elswick.

He had five fractures to his face, his eye orbit was shattered and he had a broken nose following the September 26, 2013 attack.

Video of the attack could be seen on YouTube for several months following the incident. His alleged attacker’s friend filmed the incident and posted it on the video-sharing site.

On the video, which has since been removed from YouTube, several people are seen standing around and watching the attack happen. 

The juvenile ccused of hitting Elswick was charged with third-degree assault, but no one else faces charges.

Elswick’s father said it reminded him of a recent case of a teenager brutally beating a dog as his friend videotaped it.

“Like the story with dogs, both of those kids were charged. My son has over $100,000 in medical bills, no one is being charged but one kid,” said the elder Elswick.

Jefferson County Juvenile Office officials said they could not discuss the case because it involves minors.

The family is demanding others be charged. 

“The only way for him to get justice was through the police department and juvenile and none of them want to press the issue,” said Elswick.

Elswick’s attacker is scheduled for another court hearing in March.


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