At least 15 try to claim $2,500 found at local Goodwill store -

At least 15 try to claim $2,500 found at local Goodwill store

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

GLEN CARBON, Ill. – At least 15 people have tried to claim $2,500 that was accidentally left inside a donation at the Glen Carbon Goodwill store.

But a spokesperson with Goodwill says none of those who called have been able to match the description of the clothes the money was left in.

According to Goodwill, someone driving a black or white SUV dropped off a donation at the store sometime between 3:45 and 4 p.m. An employee was sorting through the donation when she found the money.

The non-profit organization’s St. Louis office is handing the claims.

As president of the region’s Goodwill operations, Lewis Chartock, says such finds frequently happen. He says that some $20,000 of possibly accidental donations have surfaced over the past two years.


Goodwill’s policies dictate that the donor has 30 days to come by and claim the money. If that doesn’t happen, the money goes to the agency’s programs.

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