Statewide tornado drill being held in Missouri today -

Statewide tornado drill being held in Missouri today

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

(KMOV) -- The Missouri Statewide Tornado Drill will be held Wednesday, two days after it was initially scheduled to occur.

The 1:30 p.m. drill is a part of Missouri 2014 Severe Weather Awareness Week, which will end on Friday, March 7.

During the drill, outdoor warning sirens will sound throughout Missouri. Many schools, hospitals, and other public entities will practice their tornado drills. Various television stations will also have warnings scrolling across the screen as part of their severe weather testing systems.

National Weather Service Meteorologist, Jim Kramper, wants people to take advantage of today’s drill by coming up with their own plan-of-action. He says that being prepared ahead of time for a severe storm is critical.

“Think about it,” Kramper explained. “If I'm threatened by a severe storm, if I think a tornado is coming my way, do I know what to do?”

Being prepared ahead of time, according to Kramper, is also important.

“If you have to think about it a long time, it may be too late,” he said. “You may have minutes or you may have seconds.”

Here's what else that meteorologist say you need to know for tornado season:

1. Have a way to get warnings. TV warnings, cell phone warnings, and radio warnings are all good ways to keep up to date with severe weather in your area.

2. Know where you are, and know where the threat is.

3. Know what to do no matter where you are. Figure out how to get to shelter, and what you can do when you don’t have much time.

Detailed videos showing how to react to severe weather instances such as flash flooding and tornadoes can be found at Missouri's website.

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