New scouting group emerges with exclusion of homosexuals -

New scouting group emerges with exclusion of homosexuals

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) – Ever since the Boy Scouts have changed their policy on admitting homosexual members, Christian-based groups have been up in arms and now a new group is emerging to compete with the scouts; keeping homosexuals out.

Rich Snyder has been a part of the Boy Scouts since he was kid, even his children were involved. But now he’s turned to a scouting group called Trail Life USA, based out of Orlando, Florida.

The group is brand new, with only two troops in the metro area.

One troop, based out of a Swansea Christian church, is deep-rooted in Christian teachings and traditional scouting. But not everyone is welcome, one exclusion being homosexual boys.

"I think the historical position of the scouts is the better position in that sex should not be a part of the scouting life, these are young men developing and that should not be a part of it,” said Steve Rogier of Community Bible Church.

In response, the Boy Scouts offered a statement that read in part, “the BSA believes every child deserves the opportunity to be a part of the scouting experience.”

“Some would say this is just an organization of exclusion, how would you respond?  I don’t believe it is, I think we will be inclusive to the ability that we can,” said Snyder who is a Trail Life troop leader.

Leaders say they’re ready for the criticism as well as the group’s growing popularity.

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