St. Francois Co. teachers miffed after being shot with pellet gu -

St. Francois Co. teachers miffed after being shot with pellet guns during drill

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath
By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – Teachers call for help after getting shot at during an active shooter training session at a Farmington school.

Teachers at Farmington High school complained that the training on what to do if a gunman is in the school was too realistic after they were shot at with air soft guns.

School officials say the training had to be stressful and realistic so teachers will know how to react in a case of stressful real-life situation.

The National Education Association is critical of this type of training to teach students, teachers how to escape or fight back rather than hide in these situations. The school said it gave teachers a chance to opt out.

"I however think they shouldn’t be made to do something they're uncomfortable with,” said Donna Lewis

There were a lot of opinions about training for teachers at the school on Tuesday.

Some of the high school halls were filled with shouting and men with guns in intense, realistic scenarios to teach teachers how to react in a worst case scenario.

Some teachers were so uncomfortable they called the prosecuting attorney’s office for guidance on whether they had to participate. School officials say everyone was told what to expect and participation was voluntary. Four teachers reportedly took the opportunity to opt-out.

 “Always, it is a part of the training to say, is there anyone in this room that feels they would not like to or for whatever reason don’t want to be shot at or shot upon and you raise your hand and we had four people who at that time opted out,” said Dr. Ashley Krause, Assistant Superintendent

The training session was cut short after the prosecuting attorney notified school officials of the complaints by the teachers.

Almost 10 years ago, a teen brought a shotgun into Farmington High School and fired into a restroom ceiling. No one was hurt then and no one is apologizing for the training now.

"This is about doing what is right for this community and these kids. And if we need to put ourselves in situations where we have to go thru some scenarios of things that God forbid ever happen, and then we need to prepare our teachers. We owe it to our children,” said Dr. Krause.

Missouri law requires schools to hold active shooter training and all teachers have to go thru it but they don’t have to be shot at.

In the future the Farmington School District says it might do more to prepare staff for what to expect.

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