Metro bus driver accused of attacking passenger -

Metro bus driver accused of attacking passenger

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A Metro bus passenger is upset after he claims a Metro bus driver screamed at him, chased and threatened him.

Galen Wright regularly rides the Metro bus and was on his way to work when he was confronted by an angry driver.

"He chastised me for getting on the bus before him, he said 'absolutely nobody enters this bus before I do,'" said Wright.

Wright said when he reached his stop "I said 'open the doors and let me get off the bus' and he said 'you have to say please.'"

He admits to flipping off the driver after he said please to exit the bus and went inside McDonald's, which is when the driver came running in after him, Wright claimed. The driver then allegedly told him if he ever tried to board his bus again it would be a bloody mess.

Metro officials said they are looking into the bus's audio and video from the time of the incident, but Wright said he wants action because he is afraid for his safety.

"We listen to our customers for their complaints, their suggestions," said Patti Beck of Metro. "They are out there on our system every day. They are our eyes and ears."

Officials at Metro said the incident is under investigation, but would not confirm whether or not the driver is on leave in the meantime.

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