New jobs coming to East St. Louis -

New jobs coming to East St. Louis

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The Mayor of East St. Louis estimates 400 new jobs will be coming to the city in the next two years as several new businesses are opening up.

Three stores are currently in the process of opening. Crews are working on a solar farm and medical marijuana plant. It is part of an effort to change the landscape of downtown East St. Louis and the riverfront.

“It would mean more job opportunities not only for my family, but other families that are struggling in our community,” said East St. Louis resident Shamyria Wingate.

One developer is working on a $500 million project that includes an amphitheater.

“At one time people said the Casino Queen would never work in East St. Louis because of security concerns,” said East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks. “But the Casino Queen came here and absolutely boomed.”

Parks said the state of Illinois agreed to build a medical marijuana plant, but cannot say where it will be. East St. Louis will be the only home to a cultivation center within a five-county region.

“What citizens can look forward to is being the home of the new medicine, the home of a whole new set of jobs, commerce, and business opportunities,” Parks said.

The city has also demolished an old plant and will sell green energy from a new solar farm to Ameren.

Parks also said there are state and federal tax credits available to build in East St. Louis.

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