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Time 4 Accountability: Ferguson officials will face public after DOJ report

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FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

Six days and counting since the Department of Justice released its scathing report on the Ferguson Police Department and municipal court system and still not a word from Police Chief Tom Jackson or City Manager John Shaw, who oversaw the court system.

Federal investigators found Chief Jackson and City Manager Shaw wrote emails strategizing ways to write more tickers with no apparent concern for residents' ability to pay them or for any regard to public safety.

News 4's multiple requests for interviews from these two men have gone unanswered. And while it's been hard to talk to either men, stories of the burdensome and abusive system haven't been hard to find.

“I've been arrested for it three times and each time they took the money that was in my pocket and set me a court date,” said Dennis Weaver, who came to the police department to try to resolve a ticket that dates back nine years.

The DOJ report said Chief Jackson's officers competed to see who could write the most tickets in a single stop and were never disciplined for it. And Weaver said he believes it's time for the chief to take responsibility.

“He's over the cops that do these things,” Weaver added, “but instead of them, it should fall back on me? He's the man. He's where the buck stops.”

The DOJ reports says that Shaw, who supervises all city departments, ignored warnings that the municipal court was unfair and needed fixing.

“I think there should be no more Ferguson Police,” said Tanya Sproaps, who said she has face the judge in the municipal court, “I think the department should be taken over.”

The DOJ report was released last week and on Tuesday night, the city will hold its first council meeting since the report. The public will get a chance to speak during the meeting.

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