Amid resignations, some municipalities stand by embattled judge -

Amid resignations, some municipalities stand by embattled judge

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Ron Brockmeyer, who worked as either a judge or prosecutor in five different cities, has resigned from positions in Dellwood and Ferguson after being replaced as the Ferguson judge.

Brockmeyer turned in his resignation letter after the Department of Justice report last week, but only Dellwood says Brockemeyer is no longer welcome.

The Ferguson court came under fire from the Justice Department after being accused of handing out fines to a high percentage of black drivers in order to boost the city's budget.

2014 court documents show that Dellwood has a history of outstanding cases compared to the tickets they write. In 2014, 1,600 traffic tickets, but 7,400 tickets are still pending in court.

A similar situation is occurring in Vinita Park, where a system has been implemented to help traffic offenders move forward. No one pulled over in Vinita Park is jailed over a ticket and everyone is offered payment plans, and in some cases community service is offered in place of a fine.

Vinita Park Mayor James McGee says he still has faith in Judge Brockmeyer.

"We don't want our city to get out of control," said McGee. "That's why we have control mechanisms in place."

Brockmeyer remains the judge in Breckenridge Hills, but is taking a leave of absence in Florissant, where the mayor and city officials are working to decide what's best for the city.

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