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Woman accused of stealing from school group in small Metro East town

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HARTFORD, Ill. (KMOV.com) -

A woman who was in charge of a fund meant to benefit students in Hartford, Illinois is accused of stealing from it.

Candi Eyer was arrested on accusations she stole nearly $1400 from the Parents Club, a fund meant to help elementary school kids and their parents in the small town of Hartford, Ill. The theft was discovered following a pizza fundraiser.

Police said she was able to keep the theft a secret because she was the president of the club and had sole access to the account where donation money was deposited. According to police, Eyer stole the money because she was having financial difficulties.

“It was unfortunate for both sides because she was down on her luck, that's the reason she took the money, but it's the kids who ultimately lose,” said an officer with Hartford Police. “She told me she used to money to pay for her bills. Basically her residence in Granite City was robbed and she used money to pay some of those bills.”

Current club president Rebecca Cornwell said the money goes towards putting small events for Hartford Elementary School students and their parents. Cornwell said the group plans to press on.

“We are very frugal and we're moving forward. I think from this point on we'll be just fine,” Cornwell said.

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