Nixon awards Wentzville plant for hiring veterans -

Nixon awards Wentzville plant for hiring veterans

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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon visited the General Motors Assembly Center Monday to praise the company for it's dedication to hiring veterans.

Nixon spent time at the plant praising GM's recent hiring of veterans through the state's "Show-Me Heroes" program and presented the plant with the program's Flag of Freedom award.

GM has more than 350 veterans working at the plant.

Nixon said he created the program five years ago after speaking with a soldier in Afghanistan.

"I turned to a young man that was there and I said 'you're going to deal with IED's, deal with Taliban, deal with snipers, what scares you the most?'" said Nixon. "He raised his night vision goggles and looked me right in the eye and said 'I'll tell you what scares me is not having a job when I get home. That's what scares me.'"

Under the program the Missouri Division of Workforce Development helps connect businesses willing and eager to hire with veterans looking for work.

So far, more than 4,200 Missouri businesses have become part of the program and hired more than 7,400 veterans.

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