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Ferguson judge behind policy of high fines owes thousands in back taxes

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FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

Court documents show Ferguson Municipal Court Judge Ron Brockmeyer owes more than $100,000 in back taxes.

Brockmeyer has been a judge in Ferguson for 12 years. The report by US Department of Justice on Ferguson indicates he was instrumental in creating a system where fines are used as a revenue stream for the city. Many residents say the policy leaves them in a cycle of debt.

Records show Brockmeyer owes thousands in back taxes, amounts that far exceed the fines his court levies out against Ferguson residents for failing to appear in court.

News 4 attempted to obtain a comment from Brockmeyer for this story but he did not return any calls.

Brockmeyer previously spoke to News 4 about the court system in Ferguson, saying it was not taking advantage of people.

“We're not looking to reach into their pocket. That's not the purpose of this court or any other court,” Brockmeyer said in October.

Brockmeyer told federal investigators he has never sentenced someone to jail for failing to appear in court. However, evidence shows otherwise. In April, a Ferguson resident showed up to court to pay a fine and was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

The DOJ report also alleges Brockmeyer quashed or took care of tickets for police officers.

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