Many say police practices in Ferguson extend to other municipali -

Many say police practices in Ferguson extend to other municipalities

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( – Many say the practices of the Ferguson Police Department cited in a report by the Department of Justice are used by other local police departments.

The report found a pattern of racial bias by officers, and an effort to write lots of tickets to provide a revenue stream for the city.

“If I had my way, the Justice Department would leave Ferguson and start going to Bellefontaine Neighbors, Hazelwood, St. Ann, and start doing the same sort of review with all of them,” said Adolphus Pruitt with NAACP of St. Louis.

St. Louis Alderman Antonio French, who has participated in protests since Michael Brown's death, said other local law enforcement agencies may engage in behavior worse than Ferguson's.

“By no means should the Department of Justice feel like their work is done just because of the report on Ferguson. Ferguson is just one of the many cities that engage in the same if not worse behavior,” French said.

Both Pruitt and French said too many small municipalities fund city coffers by targeting African Americans and piling on fines. Pruitt believes the DOJ's scathing report should signal the end for the Ferguson police and other local police departments.

“I have no reason to believe that in order for effective policing here in St. Louis County you either have 23 or 42 police departments,” Pruitt said. “Bottom line, it's time for a more unified police department for all of St. Louis County.”

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