SLPS first grader allegedly slapped by principal -

SLPS first grader allegedly slapped by principal

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

(KMOV) - Allegations of abuse in St. Louis Public Schools prompted serious questions after a first grader was allegedly slapped by his principal.

Sandra Murphy says on February 19 her son was slapped on his arm after getting into a fight with a fellow classmate at Columbia Elementary.

“She didn't have no business putting a hand on him period,” said Murphy.

Her son Barry was suspended for three days but the school district would not comment on whether principal Dr. Merry Denny was put on leave. A spokesperson did say they have a protocol in situations like this.

“If an allegation is made against a staff member, the standard operating procedure is to remove that staff member until the investigation is complete, that's for the safety of our students and for our staff member as well,” explained SLPS spokesperson Patrick Wallace.

News 4 learned a teacher reported the abuse to the Department of Family Services and an investigation is ongoing.

But Murphy and at least one teacher from the school are upset by the way the situation was handled, including the fact that they say no parents were notified.

“We wouldn't necessarily notify every parent in the building every time an allegation is made because, again, it's an allegation,” said Wallace.

But Murphy said she wants answers and the assurance that this won't happen again.

“She should be punished for that, for putting her hands on my child,” said Murphy.

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