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Woman who set husband on fire over an argument sentenced to prison

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MT. ANGEL, OR (KPTV) -- A Mt. Angel woman who told police she set fire to her husband over an argument has been sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison.

On Aug. 15, 2014, an officer on patrol saw a man and a woman outside a home, and that the man had something in his hand that appeared to be on fire, according to investigators.

The officer initially assumed there had been a barbeque or mechanical accident.

Police said the woman Toddi Bork, ran to the officer screaming that she'd set her husband purposely on fire.

Court documents reveal Toddi Bork confronted her husband over the weekend about spraying for weeds. She was apparently upset because her dogs could have gotten sick from the chemicals.

The fight moved to the front yard according to court documents, when her husband talked about how she owed him $25,000.

Police say that's when she dowsed him with gasoline and then set fire to his body.

After admitting this all to police, Bork then placed her hands behind her back and stated that she needed to be arrested, officers said.

The husband, Timothy Bork, suffered burns to his face and chest, covering 15 percent of his body.

Toddi Bork later told police while she set fire to her husband on purpose, she didn't want to kill him. She claims she just wanted to get his attention, according to court documents.

Court documents also show Toddi Bork admitted to drinking six or seven beers before this all happened.

In court Tuesday. Toddi Bork pleaded guilty to the charges of second-degree assault and domestic violence. The first-degree attempted murder and assault charges were dismissed.

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