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Witness: Officers who shot suspect in Wellston mishandled situation

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The father of the 5-year-old girl who was in a car with a suspect as he was shot by police in Wellston said officers mishandled the situation.

Scott Hoffman said he did not know the suspect, Thomas Allen, but decided to give him and a friend a ride to work Saturday. Hoffman's 5-year-old daughter was in the back seat with Allen.

Police said they pulled the car over for failing to signal and making an improper left turn. Hoffman told News 4 Allen urged him not to stop because he had no ID.

“Thomas said he had warrants and did not want to stop,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman said what should have been a normal traffic stop started off as confrontational.

“He said ‘now you guys are both white, the man in the back is black in this neighborhood, that's usually drug related,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman told News 4 threats and questioning continued before Allen jumped into the front seat and tried to drive away. Hoffman's daughter was still inside the car.

“He jumped over the front seat as the cop noticed that he came up to the passenger door and say ‘hey you need to stop or I will shoot,” Hoffman said. “Why would an officer that had a man with him that no identification at all pit him back into a car with a child that totally blows me away. He to stop that man, who had my daughter in the car. I don't agree that he had to shoot that man. I guess there are other ways, maybe a taser or something. I'm glad that he stopped that man."

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