Non-profit group counselor allegedly stole thousands from studen -

Non-profit group counselor allegedly stole thousands from student

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A counselor from Town and Country's 'Boys Hope Girls Hope' residential program has been accused of stealing thousands from a student.

While officials with the program are certain there are no other victims of the theft, former residential counselor Shawn Harris allegedly stole the credit card of a high school student.

Harris was responsible for keeping the card secure and retrieving it for the teen's use while he was employed with the organization, but not long after he left the organization last fall, unusual transactions were found on the account.

"[It was a] pretty rapid amount in a pretty short amount of time. It was kind of obvious that something was different," said Deacon Farrelly, executive director of Boys Hope Girls Hope.

Approximately $4,000 was found to be charged onto the student's credit card. Police said Harris admitted to using the card to withdraw cash advances, saying he had a gambling problem.

Despite being the organization's first theft, they are making to changes to ensure no other incidents occur.

"One of our responses to this is... we cut up debit cards. All banking with the kids needs to be done in person. So they have to go and somebody accompanies them to the bank," Farrelly said.

The student whose credit card was stolen has been reimbursed for all of the charges.

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