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Falling debris at West County Center causes concerns

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DES PERES, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

DES PERES, Mo. (KMOV.com) – Caught on camera, pieces of concrete fell from the ceiling of the West County Center parking garage, prompting questions over safety.

A mall employee shot video of the debris falling on his car in late February.

“I was sitting in my truck when a piece of concrete fell on my hood. That's when I pulled out my phone and filmed a second piece of concrete falling,” said Ben Arndt.

The falling concrete caused more than $1,000 worth of damage to his Chevy truck.

“This is where the first piece of concrete fell and there's chipped paint where they were wiping it off,” he explained.

Parked on the third floor of the I-270 side of the garage, Arndt said he's less concerned about his truck but more about what would happen if it fell on someone else.

“What if this [vehicle] was one of our customers' or this fell on one of our customers? Or one of their children? This cant be normal,” said Arndt.

In a statement from West County Center, the marketing director said they are aware of the incident.

“The safety of our shoppers, tenants and employees is our top priority and the incident you are referring to was an isolated occurrence. The location in question has been inspected and deemed safe,” the emailed statement read.

The garage was built in 2001 and is currently undergoing renovations.

News 4 brought Ardnt's concerns to the City of Des Peres. The Public Works Director Steve Meyer said they are aware of ongoing construction and just last week sat down with CBL Properties about the ongoing need for repairs. Meyer said this was the first complaint he's heard.

However, after talking to coworkers, Arndt doesn't believe this was a one-time occurrence.

“We've talked about how this can't be a safe environment, we'll see debris of concrete on the floor,” he said.

But in their statement the mall disagreed.

“West County Center's parking structures would only be open to the public if they have been designated safe by independent engineers,” the statement reads.

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