Rev. Danforth: Schweich was a role model for what a public serva -

Rev. Danforth: Schweich was a role model for what a public servant should be

CLAYTON, Mo. ( – The funeral for Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich was held in Clayton at the Church of St. Michael and St. George Tuesday morning.

The church was packed with government officials and family friends when the ceremony began at 10:00 a.m.

Rev. John Danforth, a former United States State Senator, spoke for roughly 30 minutes about his former chief of staff. Rev. Danforth commented on Mr. Schweich's sensitive nature saying the auditor was “easily hurt and quickly offended.”

Rev. Danforth did not name names, but said his friend was greatly upset about two things during their last phone conversation about a week ago. One of the things Rev. Danforth said was bothering Schweich was “the whisper campaign.”

“I can you tell you what haunts me, I had always told him to take the high road and never give it up and he believed that and it had become his life,” Rev. Danforth said. “I had advised him that to win an election he should hope that someone else would take up the cause.”

Rev. Danforth said he encouraged Schweich not to go public with any anti-Semitic accusations.

During his homily, Rev. Danforth commented several times that Schweich always took the high road and was a model for what a public servant should be today.

Following the funeral, Schweich's press security, Spence Jackson, called on Missouri Republican Party Chairman John R. Hancock to resign.

Schweich was found dead of an apparent self-inflected gunshot wound in his suburban St. Louis home Thursday.

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