Cardinals deal with Missouri weather heading into finale with Boston

Cardinals deal with Missouri weather heading into finale with Boston

Cardinals deal with Missouri weather heading into finale with Boston


by JJ Bailey / BaseballStL | @TheJJBailey

Posted on August 7, 2014 at 4:31 PM

(BaseballStL) — Once again, the Cardinals are dealing with St. Louis weather leading up to a start. As rain peppered Busch Stadium all day, eyes were fixed on the radar screens to see when, if at all, the game would be played. 

For Mike Matheny, Missouri’s unpredictable weather means his club has little choice but to prepare as usual. 

“We’ve had too many days like this to let it really change what we do. We’ve had days where they said there’s no chance of playing and next thing you know, we’re right on time,” he said. “We’ve had beautiful days where all of a sudden it popped up and we’re sitting in here for awhile. The thing we have to do is to prepare to play on time and after that see how it all plays out.”

The Cardinals head to Baltimore following Thursday’s contest, an 800 mile trip in which they lose an hour. If the game is delayed one or multiple times, the club’s arrival time starts creeping toward dawn. Still, with Boston leaving town and not scheduled to return, getting the series finale rescheduled is an even bigger headache. 

“We just kind of have to stick it out and realize as painful as that can be, it’s better than the alternative of trying to find a mutual off day or thinking of adding this on at the end,” Matheny said.


The upcoming three game stint in American League territory provides a chance to put the Cardinals’ newest members to use as scouts. 

John Lackey, A.J. Pierzynski and Justin Masterson are all former AL players, with the first two playing most recently in the Orioles’ division. 

“I think it’s going to be an advantage to us compared to most interleague games where we’re going in blind as far as our scouting reports go,” Matheny said. 

Masterson is scheduled to throw in game one against the Orioles, and Lackey will likely follow. For the latter, the Cardinal skipper said experience is a bonus, but experience goes both ways. 

“It works for both sides. They’re very familiar with what he does too, so it comes down to execution,” he said. 

Matheny said the club will lean on all three players for knowledge heading into any interleague games. 


1) Carpenter 3B

2) Wong 2B

3) Holliday LF

4) Adams 1B

5) Peralta SS

6) Taveras RF

7) Jay CF

8) Cruz C

9) Wainwright P