Rams going about building the right way

Rams going about building the right way

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ST. LOUIS, MO - MAY 12: Head coach Jeff Fischer of the St. Louis Rams watches his players during rookie mini camp at the ContinuityX Training Center on May 12, 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)


by Brian Feldman / News 4 Sports


Posted on August 5, 2012 at 3:31 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 1 at 7:43 PM

(Football StL)--You hear it all around sports nowadays.  Success could happen for any team, any year at any time.  There's too many examples of organizations sitting in the basement of their respective sport and then, out of nowhere, come to life and become a threat.  Heck, even a champion.

 No one needs to look harder than these very St. Louis Rams back in 1999 when they took the world by surprise and won the Super Bowl.

 Here's the problem with that.  Those guys, and every other team that went from the bottom to the top in one year, are the exception.  Not the rule.

 For ever 1999-2000 St. Louis Rams you've got 50 (probably more actually) teams that truly believed they had what it took to do the same thing...but ended up falling flat on their faces.

 In reality, the way to build a winner from the ground up is to go at a slow and methodical pace...making sure you hit each step along the way and not trying to find a short cut. 

 Short cuts don't work.  Ask those who have tried to lose 50 pounds or more.  You can't do it in a day, or even a week.  If you try...you'll fail.  It's a process.

 The Rams made it a priority this offseason to get their leadership in order the way they want it.  Jeff Fisher as the head coach, Les Snead as the GM.  Check.

 Overhaul the defensive tackles, completing a very young and talented line up front.  Check.

 Get new corners.  Check.

 Find Steven Jackson a solid change-of-pace backup.  Check.

 Add some quality receivers.  Check.

 That's a heck of a start.  But there's still potential issues at outside linebacker, left guard, backup offensive tackle and even wide receiver because those added weren't premier talents (Brian Quick played at Appalachian State; Steve Smith has injury questions). 

 The point here is you didn't see Les Snead and Jeff Fisher try and pull a Daniel Snyder.  They didn't go out and blow tens of millions of dollars of Stan Kroenke's money on has-been free agents because they wanted to have a "name" player at each position.  That's a fast way to become irrelevant for a long time. 

 While, yes, they want to win now...they understand focusing too much on 2012 will cost them 2013, 2014, 2015, etc. 

 The key here is to build.  Build it slowly.  Build it correctly.  Hit each spot.  If it takes 3 years...fine.  After 15 wins in 5 years this city shouldn't mind waiting a couple more seasons to have a champion again.

 Just don't get caught in the delusion of thinking you can do it all at once.  Let other franchises make that mistake.