Jared Cook excited to finally "showcase" his talents

Jared Cook excited to finally

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NASHVILLE, TN - 2009: Jared Cook of the Tennessee Titans poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by NFL Photos)


by Brian Feldman, FootballStL


Posted on September 5, 2013 at 4:03 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 5 at 10:29 PM

(FootballStL) -- For four years with the Tennessee Titans, Jared Cook knew how much he was capable of. He knew with his size (6'5", 254 lbs) and his speed (4.47 in the 40-yard dash) he could cause a lot of problems for defenses in the NFL.

But in 59 games through the 2012 season, he caught 131 passes for 1,171 yards. That's an average of barely over 13 yards a reception, at roughly 32 catches a year.

For someone as physically gifted as Cook, that's just not enough. Teams should be throwing more deeps balls to him and letting him utilize his speed. For whatever reason, that never happened in Tennessee. Which is why, as a Ram, he's never been this excited for a season to start than he is this one.

Jared Cook TD highlight

"No, probably not," Cook said bluntly. "It's a new city, it's a new town for me. And it's my opportunity to showcase my skills which is something I've kind of been fighting for myself for the past four years. I'm excited for it. It should be a fun time."

No one really got to see much of anything from Cook though in the preseason. In three games, Cook didn't play along with most of the other starters against Baltimore last Thursday, he caught just five passes. The Rams were extremely vanilla in their game planning because they didn't want to show teams like Arizona what they had in store for them in the regular season.

So how different should we expect this offense to be compared to the exhibition schedule?

"It's going to be a transition to an offense where you're going to see everyone's talents which is probably the most exciting thing. There's a lot of speed, the same thing we've been talking about all preseason but this time it counts. This time it's real. And this time we're going at it full speed." Cook said.

And how about the fact quarterback Sam Bradford has a lot of other options as well to throw to? It's not like Cook is the only talented player in the receiving corps. Chris Givens returns alongside first round draft pick Tavon Austin.

"That's part of being a part of a team. As long as you're winning...everyone's happy. That's how it should be. If I see Chris (Givens) or (Austin Pettis) catch a touchdown I'm going to be just as happy as if I caught it. That's what a real team is about," Cook said.

We'll find out on Sunday exactly how vertical this offense is going to be.