For residents of Canfield Dr., life much different after shooting


by Diana Zoga / News 4

Posted on August 13, 2014 at 4:52 PM

 FERGUSON, Mo. ( – One north St. Louis County neighborhood has been hard to reach during the protests and riots.  The apartments along Canfield Drive are often blocked off behind police lines.

Residents who live there told News 4 reporters their day-to-day lives have changed dramatically.

Parents like Crystal Stovall can play with her children outside during the day, but starting around dusk they’re cut off from the rest of Ferguson.
“I had to get some diapers for my daughter, we walked up there, but the police would not let us back in.  I was like ‘I have to go home.’ my baby; she didn't have a bottle at the time,” Stovall said.  “I was just going to the store and they was ‘like nope can't get back in.’”
Stovall and her three girls live on Canfield Drive, where Michael Brown was killed on Saturday, near the looted QuikTrip and West Florissant Avenue.
Stovall said none of the protesters came from her neighborhood.
“The residents of Canfield Green, you know, when they showed all the looters on TV, and where they came from, none were from here.”
Another neighbor voiced concern for her young daughter.
“I live in the neighborhood, so I'll tell you what the need is. I have an 11-year-old child who is scared to death because of the helicopters that have been flying around for nights and not being able to sleep,” said Miranda Jones.
A health care van drove into the neighborhood Tuesday and Wednesday offering counseling and medical care.  Volunteers said they’re trying to make sure the families are not forgotten.
Thursday is the first day of school for many kids in the neighborhood.  Safety is now a top priority for their parents.