Holding it in may be as dangerous as driving drunk


by KMOV.com staff

Jason Torchinsky / Jalopnik.com

Posted on April 25, 2012 at 8:09 AM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 25 at 12:59 PM

(KMOV.com) -- Holding it in?  Holding what in?  Well, you know that awkward moment when you are on a road trip and you have a full bladder, but there is no rest area or gas station in sight?  A recent study suggests that holding it in may be just as dangerous as driving drunk.
A recent article on Jalopnik.com states that Dr. Pete Snyder, VP of research at Rhode Island Hospital, authored the study named "The Effect of Acute Increase in Urge to Void on Cognitive Function in Healthy Adults."  
Dr. Snyder said he didn't set out to look at the question of the effect of witholding the urge to urinate on driving, but in the end it was obvious there were some very real-world ramifications for it.  He went on to explain that the urge to urinate is something that people have a hard time ignoring or distracting themselves away from.  It's kind of like driving impaired or under the influence of alcohol.
Without a doubt, people are more likely to make bad driving decisions when they have to go.  When they feel the urge, they may have the urge to drive over the speed limit or become aggitated and drive offensively.  

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