Firefighters honor dying boy with elaborate photos stunts




Posted on July 2, 2012 at 12:43 PM

DALLAS, Texas - He's a little boy who started a big movement.

Four-year-old Dyrk Burcie has terminal cancer. His dad, Dameon, is a Dallas fireman. Dameon’s fellow firefighters have been snapping fun pictures to encourage Dyrk and his family.

Now that the project is wrapping up, its reach is clear.

"They're coming from all over the world,” said Dallas fireman, Lt. Ronnie Roe, who started this small, simple project.

Each firehouse was trying to out-do the next, with flames, jackets, and their bodies, to bring joy to a fireman's son.

Rescue rafts on the roof? No problem.

And now Roe’s simple project is really on a roll. How far has it spread?

"Germany, Japan, Australia, South America,” Roe said, to name a few.

After five surgeries, nine rounds of chemotherapy and a liver transplant, Dyrk's family realized there's little left to be done. They chose to spend their remaining days having as much fun as they can.

"I'm definitely thankful for the time I have with him,” Dameon said.

And thankful for the kind-hearted photos, which keep coming through the reach of Facebook.

While at first it was the Dallas firehouses, it quickly spread across North Texas to places like Melissa, DeSoto, and Garland.

Then it got traction with non-firefighters; a soccer team, a rugby team, Ebby Halliday, a car dealer, the Omni Hotel, a Horned Frog, young brothers, a pepperoni pizza.

"Anything you can think of, we have pictures now,” Roe said.

Firehouses from across the country got involved; Indiana, Florida, West Virginia, Alaska, New York. Then fire stations from around the world got involved; Canada, Italy, United Arab Emirates.

And there are Ronnie Roe's sentimental favorites, including a picture of Dallas firefighters hanging from a bridge.

"That's number two,” Roe said.

And aerial photos from the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier.

"The USS Enterprise -- I don't think it can be topped," Roe said. "Unless we go to the International Space Station. I don't think that will happen."

Who knows? Anyone know someone in space?