Wentzville mayor wants to double speeding fines to improve safety


by Elizabeth Eisele/ KMOV.com


Posted on July 28, 2013 at 8:42 PM

Updated Sunday, Jul 28 at 10:33 PM

(KMOV.com) -- Wentzville Police are increasing patrols and doubling fines in an attempt to take action to get drivers to stop ignoring speed limits.

Wentzville Police said the push for increasing fines isn’t to make more money, but to keep people safe before someone is killed.

Police reported it isn’t uncommon for drivers to come racing down Bear Creek Drive.

“Let’s put it this way,” said Wentzville Mayor Nick Guccione, “I think if there were some speed bumps, they might be bouncing pretty high.”

Guccione said in an effort to slow drivers down, he is pushing for double fine zones in many Wentzville subdivisions. Instead of the $10 for every mile over the legal limit currently being paid, the fine would go up to $20 per mile.

“With school starting soon it’s very important to me that we don’t have a child or senior citizen or pedestrian run over,” Guccione said.

Guccione also said the biggest complaint he receives is that people drive too fast.

Residents said taking more money from people isn’t the best way to slow drivers down.

“Well, when you talk about double fines, you don’t want to over burden people financially right now,” said resident Lynn Ruegg, “And that’s a good thing to think about.”

But the mayor said there aren’t many other options. He said speed bumps could actually cause more problems.

“We have snow removal and buses,” Guccione said, ‘It can cause damage to cars. It’s an option, but not the best solution for the city.”

The Board of Alderman still has to vote on doubling fines.

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