Steps to take before October 1 registration date for Affordable Care Act


by Staff

Posted on September 13, 2013 at 6:41 PM

 (KMOV) – In a couple of weeks, people can begin to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

It's designed to provide insurance to tens of millions of Americans who, right now, can't afford insurance.

But it won't do any good, if you don't understand what the law offers you. Over the next few months, News 4 will work to help people learn what the law offers and how you can take advantage of it.

"I’ve been trying to follow it on my own but I don't know if that's possible for the normal person,” said Sally Lambert.

"Just to learn about healthcare all the new laws they have is very confusing,” said Tonya Short.

Lambert and Short are two of the more than 100 people who turned out this week for a seminar about the Affordable Care Act at the St. Louis Library.

The Missouri Foundation for Health is holding a series of events to help residents get up to speed. Thomas McAuliffe is a policy analyst for the foundation.

He said people need to know, starting in October 1, you can sign up online for insurance.

Also, starting January 1, insurance will be more standardized.

“If you have cancer or you have heart disease, you want to be in America.  We do heart surgery and cancer well,” said McAuliffe

People should know this law is an attempt to make them take responsibility for their own health, with no co-pays for visits to your primary care physician and a number of preventative tests.

“This healthcare law is trying to take the American health care system and move it from life and death, to these more preventable, these more manageable conditions that allow for cost savings and better quality of life,” McAuliffe said.

Before the October 1 start date, he said people should sit down with an insurance agent or an expert in the field.

“Ask them what you see coming down the line. We are only just a couple of weeks away and things are going to be happening fast and furiously in the next couple of weeks. Also ask your company HR person if you have one available, because they themselves are learning more and more about this law on a daily basis."

Another option, You can go to one of the seminars put on by the Missouri Foundation for Health.. There is another one on Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Central Library at 301 Olive.