In news conference, police speak of struggle before officer-involved shooting


by Stephanie Baumer / staff

Posted on August 9, 2014 at 11:09 PM

Updated Monday, Aug 11 at 8:26 AM

What is your take on the unrest in North St. Louis County?
Ferguson, Missouri

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FERGUSON, Mo.  ( -- St. Louis County Police held a press conference Sunday morning at the Ferguson Police Department in order to address the shooting in Ferguson that killed a teenager. 

According to St. Louis County Police Chief Belmar, an unarmed 18-year-old, Mike Brown, was walking with a friend in the middle of Canfield when an officer attempted to exit his vehicle. Police said Brown pushed the officer back into the police car. According to police, Brown then entered the officer’s vehicle and a struggle ensued over the officer’s weapon.  Police said during the physical altercation a shot was fired inside of the car.

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The officer and Brown exited the vehicle where Belmar said the fatal shooting occurred. Belmar noted he did not have an exact number of times that Brown was shot but said he was shot “more than just a couple of times, but not much more.”

Belmar said the entire crime scene is roughly 35 feet from where the police car was parked to where the fatal shooting took place. According to police, shell casings matching the officer’s weapon were recovered at the scene.

The officer involved in the shooting has only been described as being with the Ferguson Police Department for 6 years.

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Belmar said St. Louis County Police are conducting a thorough investigation and will turn the completed report over to the prosecuting attorney to determine if charges will be filed, which is standard protocol.


According to Belmar, toxicology reports could take 6 weeks to be returned.