St. Louis Alderwoman wants to cut elected position saving $1 million


by Lauren Trager/ News 4

Posted on July 26, 2013 at 8:46 PM

Updated Saturday, Jul 27 at 9:56 AM

( -- One St Louis leader said the city is wasting up to $1 million every single year.

She says it’s all because one whole department is completely unnecessary and now, she wants to get rid of it – for good.

“I would like to eliminate the elected position,” Sixteenth ward Alderwoman Donna Baringer

Baringer wants to be the new city license collector and then immediately put herself out of a job.

“If there’s anything I do believe in, it’s right sizing government,” she said.

Created 100 years ago to collect business license fees, the office takes in about $60 million every year, but it shells out about $2 million in expenses.

Baringer said other city offices are just as equipped to collect the money, and these doors could close for good.

“Then we wouldn’t have duplicity, we would save money for the people of St. Louis,” said Baringer.

Baringer thinks the savings would amount to $1 million every year.

But it would take an act of the Missouri legislature to make it happen.

“Why should someone in Cape Girardeau decide what happens to the people of St. Louis?” asked 22nd Ward Alderman Jeffrey Boyd.

Boyd is also a contender for the collector’s position. He wants the voters to decide and he said perhaps cleaning house, should go much farther.

“I think we are being too narrow-minded just focusing on the License Collectors office, let’s focus on all the city offices,” Boyd said.

It’s up to the governor to decide which alderman will get the job, since current collector Mike McMillan has accepted a post elsewhere.

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