Resident concerned about violent crime increase in Bevo Mill neighborhood


by Elizabeth Eisele/

Posted on July 27, 2013 at 5:40 PM

( -- News 4 is tracking a violent crime trend in the Bevo Mill neighborhood in south St. Louis. Police have reported three homicides in the area in recent months.

St. Louis Metro Police said one man killed was a convenience store clerk shot and killed during a robbery at Chippewa and Alfred.

The second man was a 7-Eleven clerk shot and killed at Gravois and Bates while the third was a man shot and killed as he drove home from work at Neosho and Gravois, according to police.

Residents living in Bevo Mill said they are not used to these type of crimes describing the place they call home.

But the community said they are pulling together to help the family of one of the victims, the 7-Eleven clerk, Mon Rai, and father of two.

“He [Rai] came from a refugee camp, might be eight or nine months before,” said Rai’s relative and 7-Eleven manager High Rai, “And he just got a job here. He was a very good guy.”

Others said Rai never had a bad thing to say about anyone and was always willing to help people.

7-Eleven employees set-up a Bar-b-Que fundraiser for the wife and newborn baby Rai left behind.

“It’s kind of terrible,” said High Rai, “But they are doing better right now and everybody’s helping out.”

The week before Rai was murdered, another convenience store clerk just down the road Chippewa and Alfred.

Then last weekend, police reported John Paulsen was driving home from work at the Chase Park Plaza when he was shot twice in the arm and chest.

Deborah Doskocil was a friend of Paulsen’s and said this crime isn’t usual to Bevo Mill.

“I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 23 years,” Doskocil said, “And I’ve never had anything like this happen.”

Now Doskocil refuses to work the after midnight shift by herself, especially now that her friend and co-worker’s life was ended at a place everyone thought was safe.

“I just don’t want to be by myself, especially late at night,” Doskocil explained.