Police arrest 2 men suspected in violent Dutchtown crime spree


by Lauren Trager/ KMOV.com


Posted on January 17, 2014 at 9:39 PM

Updated Monday, Jan 20 at 6:35 AM

(KMOV.com) -- Kids robbed at gunpoint at the bus stop, homes broken into and ransacked, gunfire in the streets – police say they’ve nabbed two very dangerous criminals, responsible for all that and more.

Amy Jo Plummer and her husband are just two of the many people whom police said were terrorized by Joseph Robinson and Alando Jones.

In December, police said they tore though the Plummers’ home, slashing in Christmas presents and stealing everything of value.

Robinson and Jones have been charged with the burglary, but that’s not all.

“These people were jumping out of cars with guns and robbing people of whatever they had,” said Detective Mark Rodebaugh.

Rodebaugh said the men were so bold and careless of human life.

“All of these victims were either going to work, coming home from work or going to school,” said Rodebaugh.

He said the pair held guns to kids at bus stops and stole everything or anything. They even went so far to steal a pizza.

Now, prosecutors said after fantastic police work, they’re working to get justice.

“They could get ten years or up to life in the Missouri Department of Corrections,” said Prosecutor Mary Pat Benninger.

The Plummers are hoping now for proper punishment and despite the break-in, they said they won’t be leaving Dutchtown any time soon.