Warning to parents: Halloween dangers you may not expect


by Emily Rau / KMOV.com


Posted on October 28, 2012 at 7:57 AM

Updated Sunday, Oct 28 at 8:31 AM

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- It's the biggest candy eating, costume wearing day of the year, but Halloween can bring some dangerous health risks for kids.

Every year doctors say trick or treaters end up in a doctor's office or the emergency room because of Halloween hazards.

Dr. Talal Nsouli says children with allergic reactions are rushed to the emergency room or doctor's office every year.

The triggers can be the same things that make kids love this holiday so much, like costumes for example.

"If you are allergic to nickel, we can start having some sensitivities, some eczema, some contact dermatitis, redness of the skin," said Dr. Nsouli, and asthma and immunology specialist.

Face paint can have the same effect, and food allergies can also be a concern. Parents should inspect every treat and its ingredients.

If you child has asthma, the fog machine at the haunted house could cause sneezing, and itchy eyes.

Always prepare for the possible allergic reaction and prevent it, if possible. Doctors say a child should use the inhaler about 20 minutes before trick or treating, or take an anti-histamine, as directed.

To protect the dental health of your child, watch the sugar intake.

Dr. Kaneta Lott says hard candies weaken the teeth, but chocolate isn't as bad.

"One, it melts quickly and we swallow it. The second thing, it contains tannins. And tannins are bacterial static, meaning they don't allow the bacteria to grow. And if bacteria don't grow, we don't get decay, " Lott said.

Have your child floss before brushing and do not snack on the candy between meals.