Town rallies around family of 9-year-old boy killed in drunk driving accident


by Ray Preston / News 4

Posted on November 27, 2012 at 6:13 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 27 at 10:13 PM

WINFIELD, Mo ( -- Winfield is a town of about 1,400 people. One of those towns where everybody pretty much knows everybody else.

So one resident says the entire town felt it when nine-year-old David Simpson was killed in a drunk driving accident.     

Last Wednesday, the Simpson family was driving along route 47 a couple miles outside of town when a pick-up crossed the center line and hit them head on.

The accident killed 9-year-old David and injured his 8-year-old sister and parents.

A family friend says the Simpsons are well-liked and well known around town. Angela Simpson drives a school bus in the Winfield district.

“Fun-loving, everybody enjoys having them as company,” said family friend Justin Goist. “They’re great friends, always come over to the family barbecues.”

32-year-old Randolph James is being held without bond in the Lincoln County Jail for the crash.

A look into his past shows DWI arrests, and 30 days of “shock time” in jail.

“Shock time,” scoffed Goist. “That’s just it shocks ‘em for a time.”   

From the tragedy something good has come. Goist says the town has rallied behind the family.

“People that don’t even know the family,” he said. “I’ve been hit up on Facebook, and I’ve never heard of these people in my life, you know. Hey, how can I help? What can I do to help? And it’s really great seeing it.”

Angela Simpson is still in the hospital. Her hip and ankle were shattered. She’ll have several more operations, and the entire family will have a long recovery.

“Comes to a tragedy like this, opens everybody’s eyes,” said Goist. “Sad that it takes a tragedy like this for stuff to be realized.”

David’s 8-year-old sister, Dana still does not know about her brother. Goist says her mother wants to tell her but she is in no condition yet to explain it to her daughter.

For those who want to help, donations can be made at the Bank of Old Monroe to the Simpson family benefit account at any of the four locations.

There is allso a benefit account at Peoples Bank & Trust in Winfield. For people out of state or from out of town, contributions can be mailed to David Simpson 166 North Lindsey road, Winfield Mo. 63389.
There is also an online account set up on That is under The Simpson family fund.