Former Missouri teacher charged with sexual assault met victim at school


by Maggie Crane

Posted on July 13, 2012 at 9:35 PM

Updated Friday, Jul 13 at 9:38 PM

UNION, Mo. ( -- News 4 has new information about a female teacher charged with sexually assaulting a young teen. The Union Middle School teacher allegedly met her victim at school.

News 4 first reported this case back in February, but the teacher was just charged this week.  In February, parents were frustrated because no one would name the teacher accused of sexually assaulting a kid off campus. Detectives say the teacher no longer works at Union Middle, the very place they say she met her alleged victim -- in a computer class that she taught.

A school resource officer launched an investigation into the Union Middle School computer teacher in February. Five months later, 37-year-old Traci Storie is charged with two counts of statutory sodomy on a middle school-aged boy.

"The allegation related to inappropriate sexual conduct between a teacher and a student..." said a voicemail warning to parents when the allegations surfaced.

In February, no one would name Storie because she had not been charged. Sheriff's detectives say they waited to pursue charges until the school year was over, since they say Storie was no longer working at Union Middle.

"We didn't want the disruption of the school," Det. Chuck Subke said. "It's just something the school district doesn't need to have to be dealing with."

The sheriff's office believes that if there were other victims, they would have come forward by now.

"To this date we have not received any other type of contact to tell us there are any other victims," Det. Subke said.

Storie is also charged with tampering with a witness. Detectives say she tried to convince someone involved in the investigation to lie to police.

Storie is now home on bond.