Superintendent: Normandy on track to run out of money in April


by Brittany Noble/

Posted on February 1, 2014 at 7:29 PM

Updated Saturday, Feb 1 at 7:40 PM

( -- The unaccredited Normandy School District says they may have to shut down before school year even lets out, because they are on track to run out of money in April.

District leaders met Saturday with anyone who would listen for ideas on how they can change things around. There was a large crowd of people gathered at Barack Obama Elementary School.  

Normandy Superintendent Tyrone McNichols held the meeting to gather feedback on his reformation plan he plans to send onto leaders in Jefferson City next week.

“It’s an opportunity to educate the state on things that Normandy is doing. There is a lot of misinformation about things that are going on,” McNichols said, “We’re trying every day to show that things are going well for Normandy.”

But McNichols said he is working to create a stronger community by engaging families he believes his children be more successful.  But he said he has to act quickly.

With the district is on track to run out of money in April, McNichols said it’s possible his students will be displaced.

So 5th grade teacher Trina Williams was happy to help on Saturday and so was Chris Krehmeyer, the President of Beyond Housing, a non-profit organization eager to improve the community.

“I’m not sure teachers,” Williams said, “were involved in any of the decision making.”

The average household income in Normandy is just shy of $23,000 and 31 percent of the families here are functionally homeless, according to the district.

“How can we help family be stronger, neighborhood stronger?” said Krehmeyer,  “That works hand in hand with a quality pub education system. We will have success in and out of the classroom and then the community.”

If the district turns things around, they will be the first district in Missouri to ever be re-accredited after losing accreditation.