St. Ann residents receive late payment notice after previously paying rent


by Brittany Noble / News 4

Posted on September 17, 2013 at 9:53 PM

 (KMOV) –Nearly a dozen St. Ann residents reached out to News 4 after receiving late payment notices after they already paid rent.

They reportedly came home to find late rent notices tacked on about 20 doors of the complex after already having paid rent to management of the Colonial Apartments.

“There’s no way that you can expect me to pay you can expect me to pay money that I’ve already given you especially within three days.”

Gundaker Commercial Group said their account is delinquent and a money order is due immediately.

“It says basically I have three days to pay 900 dollars or I may be out I don't know,” said Jermaine Garrett, one of many who got the Tuesday night notice.

Even though Kassandra Kniff pays $535/month for rent, the notice said she was $655 behind, “which doesn't add up because even one month with a late fee would be $585 so that leaves a balance of $70 dollars how does that add up? It doesn't.”

Brandon Fulks said he knew something wasn’t right when he paid his September rent. He said his apartment manager asked for too much.

News 4’s Brittany Noble got in touch with the former apartment manager Kelly who said she had recently been fired from Gundaker but would not say why.

News 4 was not able to speak with a representative with Gundaker.

A notice was left on the apartment office door announcing a meeting for the residents on Wednesday at 9 a.m.

News 4 will continue to follow up on this story and bring fourth more details as they emerge.