Local district employee resigns after his gun found on school property


by KMOV.com Staff


Posted on September 18, 2013 at 5:52 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 19 at 5:54 AM

(KMOV.com) -- The issue of keeping students safe at school is under the microscope once again.  News 4 has learned that a Park Hills school employee brought a gun onto campus.

Despite carrying a conceal carry permit, the employee resigned after the incident, which the school board approved Monday.

The man was not a teacher; the district would only confirm it was a district employee who had a gun in his vehicle at school.

Several  parents in Park Hills say they don’t see any problem with an employee with a conceal carry permit bringing a gun to school.

Despite signs clearly saying firearms are prohibited, Marshall Scherffius, a parent in the district, administrators should change the policy.

“Somebody could come in with a gun and he’s got a concealed carry,” he said. “He’s legal. He can stop somebody who tries to shoot up the school or something.”

The district says after the school shooting in Connecticut it re-examined its safety policies and is still modifying the procedures and.

“I think if we were to pursue an avenue, the best avenue would be to bring in qualified law enforcement professionals,” said Superintendent Desi Mayberry.

But hiring additional qualified officers can be a costly proposal for many districts.

Mayberry says during his investigation he also found that if someone else got ahold of the gun that was brought to campus the district would be liable.

“Had another individual gotten ahold of that weapon and used it then the school’s insurance would not have covered the district since another employee brought it onto school property,” he said.