Parents of Fox High School students concerned fumes are hurting children


by Matt Sczesny / News 4

Posted on November 5, 2012 at 9:22 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 25 at 7:28 AM

ARNOLD, Mo ( -- Parents are now asking questions about a construction project at Fox High School.

School district officials continue to say the situation in the high school is safe, but parents aren’t convinced. They tell News 4 the roofing project at the school is now taking a toll on their kids.

“She has a cough, a persistent cough,” said Connie Bequette, mother of a 15-year-old student at Fox. “That started after the roofing project started.”

Bequette says she believes her daughter is suffering from the air in her school.

“I believe it’s connected,” she said. “She comes home and doesn’t feel well, tired, and it makes me very nervous as a parent.”

For weeks now, a roofing project at Fox has created a strong smell of asphalt that is evident both outside and inside the building.

After News 4 covered the story last week, the school district hired a firm to monitor the air. According to district officials, there are no problems.

“So far everything has come back normal,” said Assistant Superintendent Tim Crutchley. Crutchley said the work on the roof had to be done because it was in bad shape and a new bond issue had provided the money.

“We could have waited until summer, but there is summer school so it’s not [as if] the building is empty,” he said. “Would the cost have gone up, probably because there is damage being done with the conditions of the roofs.”

Crutchley says classes are being moved to get around the noise during the day, but so far the smell isn’t dangerous.

Everyone inside will have to put up with it until the roof is finished around thanksgiving.