Normandy officials address possible cuts with school programs, staff


by Staff

Posted on September 23, 2013 at 6:36 PM

Updated Monday, Sep 23 at 6:42 PM

 (KMOV) – As Missouri State Education officials address several issues within area schools, the Normandy District must cut nearly half its $53 million budget.

“At this point I would say we are looking at everything, " said Ty McNichols, Superintendent of Schools for Normandy.

He said he and his staff are looking at everything following a recent report which showed the district running out of money by March if nothing is done.

"If we do nothing that is an accurate statement, but we are looking at making modifications to our programs and staffing patterns throughout the organization,” said McNichols.

He said nothing is off the table at this point, bigger class sizes, eliminating non-core classes, cutting staff and closing schools, but he remains optimistic.

He said, “We’re fine right now financially, we're solvent, we're paying our bills and we'll continue to pay our bills. We have various strategies to make sure we can continue to pay our bills in June and July  and I'm confident we'll be able to have school for the whole year.”

Kim Morris, parent of a Normandy High School student said she stands by the superintendent following a “Meet the Superintendant” forum held on Monday where he discussed his plan.

Fate Jackson, father of twin grade-schoolers, said “my intention was to come up here and rip him a new one, I kid you not, but he impressed me and I shook his hand and said thanks because at least you're trying.”

McNichols said “we going to patch the holes up in the ship and we going to float.”

Wednesday will be a big day for the district as it ‘s count day.

That’s the day when the state determines how many students are in each district and that helps determine funding.