Mother of murder victim confronts accused killer


by Dan Greenwald /

Posted on August 2, 2013 at 4:41 PM

Updated Saturday, Aug 3 at 1:01 PM

( -- A mother is outraged that two years of her son’s life was taken away-accused of murder-only to be set free Friday.

Angelo Jackson was allowed to walk out of the St. Louis County Courthouse is Clayton after murder charges against him were dropped.

Jackson had been held in the St. Louis County Jail since April 2012, accused of murdering 21-year-old Andre Sims and Elroy Ragland during a home invasion in Jennings in 2011.

Sims’s mother, Ann Jackson, confronted Angelo Jackson at the courthouse.

“It’s just not fair,” Ann Jackson said. “I never get to see my son again. Ever. He just got taken away.”

Brigitte Thomas, Angelo’s mother, said they knew all along Angelo was not guilty.

“It’s sad and you took two years from this child’s life and you slander him all over the news like he’s a murderer and you don’t know the truth,” said Brigitte Thomas.

She feels relief and joy, on the one hand and frustration on another.

“We’ve known in our heart from day one, all along,” said Thomas, of her son’s innocence.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch told News 4 Jackson is either a guilty man who is being set free or an innocent man who was wrongly accused and locked up for several months.

“I can’t say absolutely he didn’t do it, but I can’t say and certainly can’t prove beyond reasonable doubt he did to it,” McCulloch said. “We’re not close to that.”

Ann Jackson believes Angelo Jackson is guilty.

And at first, investigators thought so too and charged him. But after some time passed, McCulloch said things started to change.

“There’s credibility, all sorts of issues that lead us to believe he might not be involved,” McCulloch said.

The investigation, he said, is still wide open.

Thomas said she too—wants justice for those who were murdered.

“I feel sorry for the victim’s family, they need to get on top of St. Louis Co. and say hey, why are they not telling them they made a mistake,” Thomas said.

She told News 4 she was psychologically impacted by his time behind bars. Her family is considering a lawsuit now against the county.

As Angelo Jackson walked out of the court house, Ann Jackson, who believes he is guilty, asked him why he allegedly killed her son. He did not answer her.

“He’s free. My son’s gone. He just walked,” Ann Jackson said, “How many more lives get taken away and nobody do anything about it?”