Mehlville parents, students sound off on Riverview Gardens transfers


by Staff

Posted on July 25, 2013 at 4:51 PM

Updated Monday, Sep 16 at 12:19 PM

(KMOV) – The Mehlville School Board on Thursday met for the first time since the district was picked by the unaccredited Riverview Gardens School District for bused transfer students.

About 200 people packed into the Mehlville High School Library for the meeting.

Some in attendance expressed frustration over students getting caught up in another district losing accreditation.  And others concerned about how the transfers will affect class sizes in Mehlville.

“I truly feel sorry for the Riverview Gardens students who lost their accreditation and go through this but I also worry about the students at Mehlville and the accreditation of our district,” one parent said.

Meanwhile, some students said they welcomed the additional classmates.

“One of the students from out district said, ‘as soon as they walk into the door they’re a Mehlville kid, we should welcome them and help them every step of the way,’” the student said.

One concern entering the evening was the announcement Riverview Gardens wouldn’t have the money to keep paying for its transfer students. That had Mehlville considering the possibility it may not get paid for students coming in.

Mehville’s supposed to get more than $9,000 from every transfer student.

The Mehlville School District says it can only take about 150 students from Riverview Gardens, about one-third of the number of students transferring out of the district. Superintendent Dr. Eric
Knost says he must keep a limit on the number of transfers because they’re still enrolling students who live in the district.

That decision to limit transfers is why Riverview Gardens made the decision to choose a second district to bus students.

Last week, Knost addressed serious concerns that class sizes are already higher than what is preferred by state standards.